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Woman lets toddler fall on floor to save a glass of drink, video divides internet


A video of a woman dropping her grandchild onto the ground to save a glass of drink has divided the internet.

In the video, a toddler can be seen reaching out for a glass of wine kept on a table in front of him. Meanwhile, the grandmother, who is holding the child, notices the toddler’s action. In her rapid reaction, the woman removes her hand from the back of the toddler, leading to the baby falling down on the floor, and saves the drink.

The video was originally shared on Imgur with the caption, “And Grandmother of the year award goes to…”

Since being shared, the video of the grandmother dropping the child has garnered over 6 million views and tons of reactions.

Tweeples are mostly divided over video. While some of them have criticised the lady for letting the toddler fall others chose to defend her by saying she did the right thing and prevented a more serious accident from happening, News18 reported.

Taking to the comment section a user wrote, “Babies bounce, champagne once spilt is gone forever.”

Another user wrote, “If the glass fell with the baby, it would have broken and the baby would have been hurt. She did I the right thing.”



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