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Woman arrested for throwing bag of vomit at nurse


SALT LAKE CITY: A woman was arrested after she hurled a bag full of vomit at a nurse at St. Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City in the US state of Utah.

According to West Valley police, the woman, named Shaynell Pamela Payne, 25,  entered the hospital’s emergency room Tuesday night. After arrival, she allegedly became argumentative and combative with the hospital staff.

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Payne vomited in the emergency room and staff members gave her towels to clean up. She threw up a second time in a bag. Upon being told to clean up and not become argumentative, she got agitated and threw the bag of vomit at the nurse.

The woman also assaulted other members of the medical staff and attempted to leave the hospital but was arrested by police. She tried to grab the police officer’s hands and pull away when he attempted to arrest her.

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Payne has been charged with assault or threat of violence on health care providers and interference with an arresting officer.



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