What it feels like to resemble a superstar? SRK lookalike spills the beans

A fresh day and without fail, internet has found yet another lookalike of a Bollywood celeb. It is safe to say though that social media’s latest find, Ibrahim Qadri has left the B-Town legions stunned with his uncanny resemblance to Bollywood’s King, Shahrukh Khan.

Ibrahim Qadri from Gujarat, India bears striking similarities to superstar and often manages to leave the Bollywood fans confused in real life as well. However, as the grass is not always greener on the other side, Qadri discloses the cons of being a celebrity doppelganger.

Speaking to a social media community, Qadri revealed that even though his looks were compared to that of the actor ever since childhood, it was during puberty when he ‘started looking exactly like SRK’.

“My parents were especially proud of the fact that they gave birth to a kid who had an uncanny resemblance to India’s superstar,” he stated.

Recalling the time when he was mobbed by fans after confusing him with Khan, Qadri narrated a scenario: “After my friends & I watched ‘Raees’, everyone started mobbing me for selfies thinking the real SRK had made an appearance for the film’s premier.”

“When I went to watch KKR take on Gujarat Lions in the stadium; everyone took out their cameras & waved at me. People clapped & spoke SRK’s famous movie lines at me,” he recalled another incident. “I felt like a ‘Badshah’; it was special! But very quickly, I also realized what SRK probably goes through daily.”

Furthermore, Qadri disclosed that someone held on to him for a picture, due to which his t-shirt tore, and police officials had to intervene to rescue him.

“And after rescuing me, the cops asked, ‘SRK sir, ek selfie?’,” he revealed.

Qadri told the portal that he later started to watch all the previous movies of SRK to take up his persona and began imitating his mannerism. “I often get invited to shows & weddings as the ‘special guest’ & I enjoy dancing with crowds to ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’”, he said.

Moreover, Qadri also expressed his wish to meet his ‘idol’ for once in life. “I’d be speechless if that happened,” he added. “But when I’d get over being starstruck I’d tell him, ‘For always making me laugh, cry, dance, sing and have fun… I thank you. Dil Se!’.”


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