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WATCH: Woman celebrates husband’s second marriage   


In a rare gesture, a woman celebrated her husband’s second marriage in Saudi Arabia.

According to the details, Umm Omar not only attended her husband’s second marriage but also celebrated the event along with her children.

Taking to social networking website, Twitter, Umm Omar said, “ My modest gift to my husband on the occasion of his second marriage and I wanted to share it with you to spread peace and friendship among Saudi families”.

The woman said that she had been planning and preparing herself to accept the decision for four years.

“My husband lives in another city, where is his workplace, and I live in Medina . I cannot go to his city, and we have been so for more than six years . I made my mind to encourage him to marry another woman.”

The woman said that she made sure her children shared the joy of their father’s marriage. She said, “My gift to my husband is first my blessing of his second marriage, in addition to that I presented him with a fine package of honey, so that our future family and married life would be honey on honey.”



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