WATCH: Police find two children hiding in car’s trunk at lockdown checkpoint

Police on Monday briefly apprehended a married couple after they found two children hiding in the trunk of their car at a lockdown checkpoint in Argentina.

According to the details, the couple hid their children in their car’s trunk to bypass a check post in the Buenos Aires town of Ituzaingo to attend a birthday party amid COVID-19 lockdwon.

As the vehicle approached the check post, the police officials stopped the car and sought the required permit that allows essential workers to drive.

The driver, Martín Sánchez, 35, failed to present the required permit and told the police officers that he along with his wife going to attend his father’s birthday party, Mail Online reported

The cops became suspicious of him and his 32-year-old wife, Daisi Balcera, when he refused to unlock the trunk to conduct a secondary search.

The parents were then ordered to step out of the vehicle  and during the inspection, the cops shifted the rear seat forward and discovered that their 12-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son were hiding in the trunk of the car.

The parents were temporarily detained and released after they were issued a summons for violating the social distancing measure and disobeying the authority.

A police patrol led them back to their home in Buenos Aires.



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