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Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 148 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 147 Review

In payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 147, Hunkar went to the place where traitors were given death penalty. He went there for Mahmud Celaleddin who caught in act of rebellion against sultan. On giving order to his soldiers to shoot Celaleddin half of the soldiers betrayed and went to the opposite camp and asked sultan to leave their men otherwise they’ll shoot other soldiers. Everyone got shocked on this sudden act of a portion of soldiers. Some of the Pasha’s were happy as they were traitor inside but still didn’t opened themselves to others. Despite this sultan ordered his soldiers to shoot the culprits. The rebellion soldiers immediately press their triggers but nothing happened. The loyal soldiers immediately arrest them. Sultan told everyone present that he knew some soldiers will betrayed so as an act of safety he intentionally ordered to kept their guns empty. This move certainly made Mr. Cassel and some Pasha’s in a state of disbelief.

payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 147, Meanwhile, the back up soldiers rushed towards the place to protect Hunkar. Hunkar went to Celaleddin and asked him that he’ll not be given the death plenty until he answers the state’s questions before moving for questions of afterlife. He then asked every body that this was the plan to know who the traitor is and all the soldiers had empty guns and the plan has worked. But still he needs to know who is helping Mahmud Celaleddin one by one. A soldier come to Pasha and told him that a group of people has surrounded the palace. He immediately told hunkar about this and asked him wether to inform hunter battalion. Hunkar asked him to stay calm and we’ll face whatever come pur way.
payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 147, Hatun’s in the palace got worried when they heard a sound of a fire and it came from the room of Aliye sultan. Mother sultan immediately went to the room where Fatima sultan was already their and She asked Fatima about what happened. She told everyone that it was a fake gun thanks to Allah.

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payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 147, When soldiers were about to take Mahmud Celaleddin away Ahmed Pasha told his partner that he’ll make the trouble and he needs to get the Mehmud pasha away from their custody. He opened fire on the other prisoner and shoot him while shouting thay he’ll kill these traitors. The son of sultan tried to stop him but he insisted upon killing these traitors. He asked My Shehzade, I killed one traitor and I’ll kill another. Son of sultan asked the soldiers to control the situation and asked him to give his gun back but he insisted upon his action. He also ordered one soldier to take Mehmud pasha away. But on his way the other Pasha rescued him and later the soldier was found dead on the way. On this Ahmet pasha questioned the credibility of shehzada and said that he did the right thing by killing the traitor.

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payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 147, The soldiers outside the palace was shouting ” long live padshah”. Hearing this hunkar told his man that he told him before the people are with hunkar and state and thanks to Allah Almighty that there is no attack. He asked the soldiers why they came here. They said that they heared a news about hunkar’s life is in danger. Hunkar thanked them for their love and support and asked them that some people want unrest and they used people to scare the state and to turn the brothers against each other. He also asked them that the enemy knows how much you love hunkar and he is trying to use you against the state. You are the heirs of the brave one who went to the doors of vienna. You are the member of the Prophet’s palace that defeated the Greeks. While your greatness make the enemy tremble, don’t allow a few traitors inside us. The order of the army is the order of the state. Don’t break the order. The barracks are empty now, May Allah forbid us. He also told his soldiers the story of battle of uhud where archers left their positions and received the damage in thought that they have won the war and the result we all know very well. He asked them to go back to the barracks and wished them more power.

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payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 147, Meanwhile, Shehzade went to the prison to check about Mehmut pasha but he was shocked to see the prison opened. He saw Esat pasha left injured on ground. Mr. Cassel went to his place and told everyone what happened there. He told how Ahmet Pasha killed the other prisoner and Esat pasha went to rescue Mehmut pasha. The person hearing this from Cassel got furious he said that we day and night made efforts to free him and Ahmet pasha killed him. He will pay heavily for this mistake. He surely will.

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 148 English Subtitles

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