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Watch Maraşlı All Episodes with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Maraşlı All Episodes with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Maraşlı, a former soldier to leave the Special Forces, wants to spend his life with the secondhand book shop he opened. The turning point of the life of Maraşlı, who is bold, brave and trying to achieve justice in his own way, is the day his daughter Zeliş was shot. Marash, whose only aim is to bring the sick daughter back to life, cannot forget the great pain inflicted on her son. One day, the beautiful Mahur Türel enters the second-hand bookseller’s shop and that day Mahur involuntarily gets involved in an incident. Maraşlı saves Mahur’s life. And that day their fates are linked.

Production: Tims & B Productions
Producer: Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar
Director: Arda Sarıgün
Cast: Burak Deniz, Alina Boz, Kerem Atabeyoğlu, Saygın Soysal, Cemil Büyükdöğerli, Rojda Demirer, Melis İşiten, Cihan Yenici, Neslihan Acar, Sinem Akyol, Türkü Su Demirel , Gizem Kala, Bedriye Rosa Steel

Watch Maraşlı Episode 1 with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Marash is a former soldier who left the Special Forces. He decided to open a secondhand book store for himself and spend his life taking care of his sick daughter Zeliş and selling books. Until one day, the world-famous Mahur Türel walks into Maraşlı’s secondhand shop. Turkey’s one of the biggest businessmen St. Turel, head of Mahurin most precious from a snapshot taken by children because that day will be in great trouble. The person of Marash saves his life from the incident that Mahur was involuntarily involved in. On that day, their fates are linked. Now Mahur’s life is in danger

Watch Maraşlı Episode 2 with English Subtitles Free of Cost

The people of Marash are sure that those who made her daughter like this were from the Türel family. For the people of Marash, every member of the family is doubtful. Therefore, he returns to his duty to protect Mahur. What will be the first step Maraşlı will take to get to know Türel family?

Mahur is unaware of the assassination attempt. Mahur, unaware that Savaş is still after him, opposes Maraşlı’s return. Mahur has a plan. He tired of Marash and tried to leave the task of his own free will. Will Mahur be successful in this plan?

Firuzan turns the nursery from Sedef Hanım into a winter garden. There is a great tension between Mahur and Firuzan, who sees that the garden left by his mother is ruined. Next to the disappointed Mahur, he becomes the only person from Marash. Will the ice between Marash and Mahur start to melt?

War; He tells Aziz Bey that if the photographs he wants are not given to him within 24 hours, Mahur will be killed. What happened in the great meeting of Maraşlı, Savaş and Aziz will shock everyone.

Watch Maraşlı Episode 3 with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Maraşlı tells Mahur that the person who wanted to kill him was a member of the family and tells the reason for his suspicions. Mahur would be like going crazy. The people of Marash are sure that Savas will not be in prison long. Will Mahur believe in Marash? Mahur struggles with the fact that one of his family wants to kill him. Is Marash right? Does one of his family really want Mahur to die? Marash says that they must act together with Mahur in order to reach this truth. Will Mahur listen to Marash? War is released with a demand for a trial without arrest. Now all family members start to fear both for Mahur and for themselves. For Mahur, whose life is still in danger, Savaş wants to make a new deal. Will Mahur and his family accept Savaş’s request for an agreement? From Marash, Mahur, whose life is in danger He brings him to a deserted chalet to protect u. This situation creates panic in the Türel family. Marash thinks that he should protect Mahur even from his family. Who will be the visitor to the chalet?

Watch Maraşlı Episode 4 with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Aziz Türel, Necati and İlhan manage to escape from the car in flames. But Necati will never forget the feeling he was experiencing at that moment. What is this vital event that Necati lived with his father and brother? Maraşlı cornered Savaş, which kidnapped Mahur. The war sows seeds of suspicion in Mahur’s mind about his father. He talks about his father’s ex-partner Ömer Bey. The war escapes from Maraşlı and drives away with his car. Mahur now has a great suspicion. Why did Omar die? Who is Ömer? Mahur is very confused, he has problems with Maraşlı. There is a great pain in Mahur’s heart. Who wants to kill Mahur? Moreover, he is from his own family… His family protests against Mahur, who says that he feels safe next to Maraşlı. Everyone is shocked by Mahur’s surprise offer to Maraşlı. From Marash, will she accept this offer that could affect her daughter Zeliş’s life? İlhan cannot pay the large amount of loan he received for the company. The Türel Family faces the risk of losing the company. İlhan orders Ozan to do what he does and find money. The person Ozan finds to be an investor in the company will surprise everyone. Who will be Türel Holding’s new investor?

Watch Maraşlı Episode 5 with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Mahur goes to his friend Kemal’s exhibition with Maraşlı. Kemal introduces Mahur to an art lover. The person Kemal introduced is the beginning of tense moments for Maraşlı and Mahur. Who will Maraşlı and Mahur meet at the exhibition? What will Mahur learn about his mother? The trial day has come. The war says that if Mahur does not withdraw his statement, he will kill Mahur. Will Mahur change his expression? Will the war be arrested? İlhan calls Ozan and hears Maraş speeches. He finds out where Ozan is. Maraşlı has Nevzat arranged for a club. He plans to take Ozan and question him in the hut. What is Maraşlı’s plan for Ozan? War wants to make a deal. With this agreement, the life of Maraşlı is now in danger. War, Who will use it to succeed in your plan? How will the people of Marash eliminate this danger?

Watch Maraşlı Episode 6 with English Subtitles Free of Cost

The war kidnaps Mahur, he is locked in a room like a dungeon. He treats Mahur very badly. Mahur is very close to death for the first time. Mahur thinks that Marash is dead. What kind of way will Maraşlı follow to save Mahur? War, Aziz; If he does not want Mahur to learn the facts about his family, he wants him to kill Marash. Will Aziz risk killing Marash in order not to lose his daughter? How will Maraşlı, who has been suspicious of Aziz for a long time, know about this agreement? Savaş, who plays all his cards, also threatens Ozan. The war gives Ozan 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours, a surprise awaits Türel Family and Ozan that will change their lives. Mahur also invites Zeliş to the bazaar to be organized by his friend Betül. This invitation seems dangerous to Marash, but Mahur ‘ u can’t break it. The happiness of the people of Maraş, Mahur and especially Zeliş, who have a pleasant time at the fair, falls into a shadow. What happened at the fair will bring Maraşlı to a new crossroads. How will Marash survive the danger that awaits himself, his daughter and Mahur?

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