Watch Barbaroslar Episode 33 (Season 2 Episode 1) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

In Barbaroslar Episode 33, While Khizir is praying at Oruj’s tomb, Piri arrives. Piri says he talked to the Ottoman Sultan and asks Khizir to take action. Khizir says he will take revenge of the Turks no matter what. Piri says there may be a traitor among the sailors. Don Diego takes action to attack Algeria. Huma is very sad about the death of Ilyas and Oruj.

Don Diego attacks Algeria with his soldiers and soon begins to control the city. Khizir talks to Oruj’s sailors and persuades them to take revenge. Don Diego seizes Oruj’s throne and sends many innocent people to prison. Khizir learns what Don Diego did in Algeria. Piri realizes that several merchants have betrayed Oruj and even helped Don Diego. Khizir says he will never give Jijel back and comes back to make another plan. Dervish goes to talk to Piri and starts asking him questions.

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Piri says that Khizir will take Algeria no matter what and that Yavuz Sultan Selim conquered the holy lands. Don Diego tortures the people who support Khizir in the dungeon and tries to change their minds. Don Diego thinks Dervish is crazy and gives up on killing him. Khizir secretly goes to Algeria with some sailors and tries to save innocent people. Don Diego realizes that the people still support Khizir and continues to wait for the King’s fleet. Rosa says she wants to go to the oncoming fleet and asks Don Diego for permission to launch a naval attack.

While Khizir tries to find out where the innocent people are, he learns from Piri that the King’s ships are coming soon. Khizir says he will only work for the Ottoman Empire before he goes to sea. Rosa goes to talk to the captain the next day and begins to tell him about Don Diego’s plan of attack. The captain accepts this plan and starts moving towards Jijel with all his ships. Murat says that the king’s fleet is very large and asks what the attack plan is. Khizir says they will be silent until they approach the enemy ships and then they will attack suddenly.

How to Watch Barbaroslar Episode 33 with English, Urdu & Spanish Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch or Download Barbaroslar Episode 33 English Subtitles, Barbaroslar Episode 33 Urdu Subtitles & Barbaroslar Capitulo 33 en Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost. Barbaroslar Episode 33 release date is expected in Sep-Oct 2022. Barbaroslar episode will be on-air on TRT1 Channel in Turkish. The live streaming of Barbaroslar episode in Turkish can be achieved by Clicking Here. Those who can understand Turkish will be able to watch Barbaroslar episode even later by Clicking Here but ATV Youtube channel uploads the episode later, so you have to wait for it.

Barbaroslar Episode 33 English Subtitles

Watch Barbaroslar Episode 33 (Season 2 Episode 1) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 33 Urdu Subtitles

Watch Barbaroslar Episode 33 (Season 2 Episode 1) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost


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