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VIDEO: Girl caught by neighbours with duvet after she falls from window


A four-year-old girl was saved by local residents after she fell out of a three-storey flat’s window in China.

The incident was reported Thursday last when the girl was spotted dangling from the window about 30 feet above the ground after she climbed out of her grandparents’ home in eastern Chinese province Jiangxi. She was left alone at home by her grandparents.

Neighbours rushed to save the child when they saw her dangling. They caught her in mid-air with a duvet.

She accidentally climbed out of the three-storey flat’s window while playing by herself at home. A resident told local media that he had heard the girl screaming and crying as he was taking the rubbish outside.

Video shows the minor holding onto the window ledge as a group of residents standing in a circle while holding the covers. She, losing all of her strength, falls and is seen initially landing on a roof extension on the second floor before losing balance and falling backwards.

The neighbours raised the duvet together and caught her in mid-air. The youngster survived unscathed, according to a local official.



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