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US Embassy issues alert to citizens for Pakistan travel


ISLAMABAD: The United States embassy in Islamabad has issued a travel alert for US nationals for Pakistan, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

US diplomatic mission in its alert has warned of the country’s citizens about ” the reports of surge in street crimes in Islamabad”.

The police response time over the crimes could be different, the embassy alert further said.

The embassy has advised the US nationals to remain alert during travel of the area.

“US citizens should avoid to keep precious jewelry with them during their travel,” according to the embassy advisory.

The embassy, however, said that it will continue its affairs as per the routine.

Recently the United States had improved its travel advisory for Pakistan, bringing it to Level 3 category of ‘reconsider travel’ from the previous Level 4 of ‘do not travel’ category.

The State Department improved its travel advisory for Pakistan on previous Tuesday, replacing its August 10 travel advisory in which Pakistan was placed in the highest Level 4 category due to COVID-19 situation.

The report also noted that Pakistan has “lifted stay-at-home orders and allowed the resumption of intercity domestic travel and mass transit services in most cities”.



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