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Two arrested police impersonators confess to harassing, conning citizens


KARACHI: A group of suspects allegedly impersonating police officers to swindle people has been apprehended by Police on Wednesday, ARY News reported.

Tipu Sultan police arrested two men and recovered police uniforms from their possession which they allegedly used to impersonate police personnel and harassed people on the roads in the name of snap-checking.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) East Sajid Sadozai confirmed that the suspects, impersonating as police personnel, searched people on the roads and assaulted them in order to milk money.

The two alleged culprits have confessed to their activities in SITE, Super Highway, Ferozabad and New Town areas of Karachi in which they stopped their targets and harass them acting as police officers so they can wring money from gullible targets, SSP East Sadozai confirmed.

Fake policeman swindles money from people in name of coronavirus relief fund

Sadozai added that the hunt for their handlers who provided them with the weapons and police uniforms is underway.

In a similar case early this year, a masquerader was caught swindling people in the name of government coronavirus relief fund.

According to details, an individual parading around as a local police officer was reportedly seen swindling people for Rs300 to Rs500 in the name of relief efforts.

The Divisional Superintendent of Police (DSP) spoke on the matter claiming that the fake policeman has never been a part of the law enforcing agency in any capacity and was using a disguise to fool the general population.

A formal case was registered against the individual and the money he had amassed from regular people in the name of coronavirus relief fund was recovered as well, according to the authorities.



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