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The U.S. Cancels 1000 Chinese Research Student Visas For So-Called National Security


Washington: The United States has revoked the visas of 1,000 Chinese students and researchers, calling them a threat to national security and claiming their ties to the military according to The Guardian.

Visas for Chinese students and researchers have been revoked under a May 29 presidential decree, according to the International News Agency. The decree imposed various restrictions on the entry into the United States of students and researchers who were considered a threat to national security.

Earlier on Wednesday, Chad Wolf, acting head of the State Department’s Department of Homeland Security, said that certain Chinese students and researchers were at risk of stealing sensitive research materials because of their in-house contacts with the Chinese military. Wolf also reiterated accusations that China was stealing research into the industrial sector and the coronavirus.

The State Department says the number of Chinese students and researchers whose visas have been revoked under a US presidential decree is much lower than the total number of Chinese students coming to the United States each year for education and research. The United States would welcome Chinese researchers and students under its rules. China issued a statement in June saying it would oppose US sanctions on its students. An estimated 360,000 Chinese students are currently studying and researching in the United States.

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