‘The Merge’ Update: Ethereum Schedules Ropsten Merge On June 8

  • Genesis block on the Ropsten Merge will begin on May 30.
  • The Merge occurs in 3 phases- Beacon Chain introduction and execution of shards.

The Merge”, formerly known as Ethereum 2.0, is the most anticipated event in the crypto space. With increasing conflicts against high-energy efficient PoW mining, the PoS consensus is preferred and mostly voted by the crypto community. Ethereum DevOps was on a prolonged journey since 2020 to launch the former ETH 2.0

Finally, the team announced on Tuesday that Ropsten, one of the crucial testnets of Ethereum Mainnet, will merge with the Beacon chain, the PoS genesis network, on June 8. On the event ‘Permissionless’, they clearly stated the Merge is on testing only.

Ropsten was launched in 2017 by the Ethereum Foundation and is developed by the Go Ethereum (Geth) team. Ropsten Merging will help in the shift of the present PoW blockchain to the new PoS mainnet.

After the successful Kiln Merger in April and the upcoming Ropsten merging in June, the developers aim to move forward with two other forking events. The developers expect the devnets, Sepolia and Goerlia to merge as “new testnet” and “legacy testnet” onto the new consensus layer. The timestamp of the final is not announced officially yet.

Evolution of the Merge from Eth1

Beacon Chain a.k.a Phase 0 was launched in December 2020. It functions independently as the “execution layer” from the current Ethereum blockchain. During the final Merge, it will serve as the carrier of PoW-based Ethereum to the PoS consensus layer. The beacon chain will confer staking to activate the validator software on the new PoS chain.

The developers said:

“The Beacon Chain doesn’t change anything about the Ethereum we use today.”

The former data of the PoW blocks will eventually be incorporated as components of blocks on the Beacon chain. The block time of the PoW block is estimated as 13 seconds and post-Merge, validating a PoS block would take around 12 seconds.

The Merge sharded chains are expected to increase the transactions per second (TPS) from 15 TPS to nearly 3000 TPS on the new PoS network. The coin will transform into a more deflationary asset and hence it is believed to cause a spike in the crypto’s price. At the time of writing, as per CMC, ETH trades at $2,027 USD.

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