Team Muhafiz – A Pakistani Animated Series 

Made in Pakistan cartoons or animated series are quite rare. This time ISPR is bringing Team Muhafiz, an animated TV series for kids. It is featuring real-life superheroes without any special powers to help children recognize their potential. The aim is to provide teenagers with a source of inspiration that they can relate to and follow in their lives. Thanks to Geo and ISPR for taking such initiative. It’s really appreciable and much-needed.

Team Muhafiz Animated Series Characters

Sadly, no production house in the country produces TV content for children. If you ask kids about their favorite cartoon character from Pakistan, you’ll hardly get an answer. It’s only Geo who thinks of kids as their audience. Burka Avenger and Donkey King are their popular creations. And hopefully, the all-new Team Muhaffiz will be added to the list too. Its teasers are already dropped and the hype is real.

Team Muhafiz Characters Animated Series 

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Actually, Team Muhafiz is part of a comic series by Imran Azhar (AZcorp). It was published for Juvenile Criminal Center Karachi, the idea was to educate children about life goals. The comic series got numerous awards and recognitions across the world. Its entertaining approach to delivering a meaningful message was loved a lot. ISPR and Geo are just making the TV adaptation of the comic series. It’ll be a great treat for kids to watch.


Team Muhafiz Animated Series Characters

TEAM MUHAFIZ characters

There are around 6 characters that’ll be shown in the series. Each character has a unique story and achievement. Here’s the list of all the characters:


1. Reza

A highly regarded diplomat working in Pakistan’s foreign office. He has brought Yu Hai Tao a professional archer of Chinese origin to teach archery to his son. Her archery skills are remarkable and truly spectacular. The superstar Wahaj Ali is voicing Reza in the series.


2. Farman

A retired SSG constable decorated with medals and known for his bravery. He stands strong at an old age. And he hails from Swabi, KPK. The voice behind Farman will be Ahsan Khan’s. You’ll find it a perfect match.


3. Parinaaz

Parinaaz is a hockey enthusiast and humanitarian. She’s an important part of the series and her life story is very inspirational. She’s given the voice of Sajal Aly to win audiences’ hearts.


4. Badshah Khan

The series would have been incomplete without a tech-geek in this era. Badshah is an absolute wonder in the series. He’s an expert in coding and programming. His voice is gifted by none other than Adeel Khan.


5. Aarya

A common tutor who stays busy teaching throughout the day. But she has some hidden talents. Aarya loves stick dancing and kills every move with her fast reflexes. Her voice is given by Nimra Rafiq, the super gorgeous starlet.


6. Mahnur

She’s an extraordinary girl from the beautiful Hunza valley. She’s the first and only female martial art champion from Gilgit Baltistan. The girl has the voice of our favorite Dananeer Mobeen aka the pawri girl.


7. Zane

He’s the boy next door who’s super-crazy about cricket. He lives with cricket and even sleeps with cricket. His role is jolly and very entertaining for the audience. Not just that, the legacy he’ll take on will also be very inspirational. Zane is voiced by Shafaat Ali, the renowned TV star.

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