‘Stakeholders should be taken on board on LPG matters’

'Stakeholders should be taken on board on LPG matters'

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 1st Jul, 2020 ) :Pakistan LPG Marketers Association on Tuesday urged the Ministry of Energy to take the stakeholders on board in decision making process regarding LPG matters.

The Association’s spokesman told media here that a more focus on LPG imports will put local LPG marketing companies’ billions of rupees investment and employment of thousands of people at stake.

He mentioned that a committee constituted by the Cabinet Committee of Energy has called a meeting to discuss the measures to facilitate the import of LPG by both public and private sector companies.

He claimed that no input or consultation have been sought from LPG Marketing Companies including Pakistan LPG Marketers Association which is the registered trade body representing the interests of all OGRA-Licensed LPG marketing companies.

He said that the current LPG Policy provides for State Owned Companies the first right over LPG produced by the public sector companies for specific use in LPG Air Mix Plants. However to date only a meagre quantity is being diverted to these Air Mix Plants, while the remaining quantity is being sold directly to their distributors.

He recommended that in order to improve the availability of LPG and make it affordable for the common man, serious efforts need to be made in identifying potential for enhancing local production of LPG and bringing it on stream. This will save precious foreign exchange as well as give boost to economic activity in the country. He said that a level playing field in terms of taxation and duties should be provided to both imports as well as locally produced LPG.

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