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Schools Reopen: Massive Surge in the Prices of Stationery Items and Course Materials


There has been a massive surge in the prices of the stationery items and the course materials and this has shaken the parents. The parents went for the back-to-school shopping to the markets and this is when they learned about the increased prices.

The rates of the school supplies and of the stationery items in the markets have increased as the educational institutes across the nation are all set to reopen from the 15th of September. The educational institutes would be reopening after like a closure of 6 months, which was imposed in order to control the spread of the virus.

The students require new items for their academic year, the uniform and stationery shops in the various areas of Rawalpindi witnessed a rush of parents and children.

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The parents and guardians were shocked to find revised rates of the course books, bags, uniforms, copies, and other related goods. The rates of the new course books have surged by 30 percent along with the registers and copies, it was noted during a survey that was conducted locally.

A copy of 280-pages was selling for Rs.70 instead of the normal rate of Rs.50 while a 560-pages copy was selling for Rs.200, previously it was selling for Rs.100.

As per the shopkeepers, there has been a surge in the rates of the stationery items owing to inflation in the economy. They said that all the imported goods, especially schoolbags and pencil boxes have become costlier in step with the US Dollar.

On the other hand, parents have gone under severe financial burden because of the imposition of new charges by the private schools in the name of dengue and coronavirus funds.

The private institutions have also arbitrarily surged their admission fees to make up for the losses during the epidemic situation.

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