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Savasci (Warrior) All Episodes With English Subtitles Review

Savaşçı – Warrior Turkish TV series is back on stage! The Turkish TV show, which is in the genres of action, drama and war, has back in screens. The TV series has had great success just like its kind in Turkish televisions. Viewers both from Turkey and the world had a non-stop adventure thanks to Savaşçı – Warrior TV series during 4 seasons and 76 episodes. So now, it is back with its new season and 77th episode.

The number of patriotic and military TV shows has dramatically increased in the last decade. And some of them haven’t been very long-lasting though. However, Savaşçı – Warrior Turkish TV series has become a phenomenon. And the TV show distinguished itself from other similar projects.

What is the Main Subjet of Savaşçı – The Warrior Turkish TV Series?

The main subject and the message of the series can actually be explained with this phrase:

When It Comes to One’s Country Nothing Else Matters.

It is still not quite sure, but Turkish people mostly believe that the phrase belongs to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He is the founder of the Turkish Republic. Yet, no matter who told this phrase, it has great importance for the Turkish Nation.

In this respect, Savaşçı – Warrior TV series tells the story of a group of soldiers in  Turkish special military forces. They are fighting to protect Turkish borders and the country itself against local and global terrorist organisations. Savaşçı – The Warriors TV series is the story of Maroon Berets members. They serve in the most difficult conditions in the world. On the other hand, it is the story of dedicated and unnamed heroes those cope with all difficulties you can mind!

The story begins with the famous Sword Team (Kılıç Timi) of the Turkish Army. Colonel Halil İbrahim Kopuz (played by Murat Serezli) and Captain Kağan Bozok (played by Berk Oktay), meet to reorganise the team again. It was one of the elite troops of the Bordeaux Berets. After they got out of jail and returned to duty, they started works.

The Cast of Savaşçı – Warrior Turkish TV Series

Captain Haydar Bozkurt (played by Sarp Levendoglu) has problems with discipline. Furthermore, he never compromises for his freedom. Because of that, Haydar can’t get rid of troubles with his commanders. But, command element cannot sacrifice him due to his talents, courage and heroism.

General Ahmet Kutalmış (played by Serhat Nalbantoglu) is the commander of special forces. He is both father-like and a very disciplined commander to his soldiers. There is nothing he can’t do for the life of his soldiers.

Lieutenant Funda Turaç (played by Müjde Uzman) is a jet pilot. She is also a member of the Turkish Air Forces. She stands up to every difficulty to be a soldier and jet pilot. Funda is brave and she never steps back, even in spite of she has troubles with her family.

Where Can I Watch Savaşçı – Warrior Turkish TV Series?

Turkish action and drama started on the 13th of October, 2019 with the new season. You can watch Savaşçı – Warrior on Fox TV/Savasçı every Sunday at 20.00 with Istanbul Time. Additionally, Savaşçı – Warrior Official Youtube page gives the opportunity to be able to watch it.

Savasci (Warrior) All Episodes With English Subtitles

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