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Sale of adulterated milk continues in Sialkot


SIALKOT: The citizens of Sialkot have left no choice otherwise to consume adulterated milk being sold throughout the streets and markets of the city, ARY News reported on Saturday.

The locally produced milk using hazardous chemicals is being openly sold out on low prices in many marketplaces and streets across Sialkot which has severe health impacts after its consumption.

Many citizens told ARY News that it is now a normal thing here in Sialkot to get milk produced by chemicals despite being aware of its health hazards, especially on children. A citizen demanded the provincial food authority to take action against the milk sellers after taking notice of it.

The footages of the milk-selling spots showed the unhygienic state of milk bowls and carts where it is being sold by people. A local physician told media that milk produced by different chemicals increases deficiency of vitamins and minerals among children.

Despite receiving several complaints by the citizens, the health and food officials were reluctant to take strict action against the responsible persons over selling the adulterated milk.



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