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Sadaf Kanwal Has A Message For Haters


Sadaf Kanwal started her career as a model. After proving her mantle in the field of modeling she is now gearing up to be a successful actress.

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Sadaf Kanwal became a household name when the news popped out that Shahroz Sabzwari is having an extra marital affair with her, hence her wife Syra is not living with him.

This Girl Excellently Mimicked Sadaf Kanwal 51

Later on, Shahroz in a video message cleared that he doesn’t have any relationship with Sadaf. But soon after Shahroz and Syra got divorced and Shahroz Sabzwari tied the knots with Sadaf Kanwal. Thats where the game of endless bashing started.

Sadaf Kanwal Shahroz Sabzwari

People never misses a chance to bash Sadaf Kanwal and calling her a home wrecker who destroyed marital life of Syra Yousuf.

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Here we have a video in which Sadaf is giving a message to her haters. She is saying: “Those who are listening to this, stay in your limits, stay happy, stay pretty. Don’t backbite anyone. Now finish sending these negative messages”

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