Reserveum Has Finished Designing an Ever-rising in Price Rsm Token

RESERVEUM is an international group of crypto evangelists busy designing a protocol for a non-custodial token with a price that would keep up with the world inflation.

As of May 2022, the Reserveum Analytical Group has spent a year developing a token that would solve the problem of safe settlements as well as savings. It became possible thanks to the in-built algorithm of a rising price that would be regulated by the market itself. So, using RSM, it is possible to store your assets and be safe from worrying that they can lose value due to the changing market situation or inflation.

There has been quite a lot of media coverage of the Reserveum protocol, but until May 2022, no technical details were made public.

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Hans Mayer, a Reserveum group representative, shared some details at “Bitcoin 2022”, a big conference that took place in Miami at the beginning of April.

According to their working model, the Reserveum token emission is going to be dynamic, which means it would be defined by the token users themselves. Any user can create new RSM tokens using any crypto asset accepted by the Reserveum community as collateral. Also, an RSM tokenholder can burn their token and return their collateral asset automatically at any given moment.

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The protocol includes two RSM token statuses. The first one is RSM Cherry. These are the newly-issued tokens that have not been transferred or exchanged yet. Such Cherry tokens are mostly used for storing funds. As soon as RSM Cherries leave their first address, in other words, are transferred to any other address, their status is changed to RSM Regular. These tokens are first of all used for settlements.

Every new RSM token would require higher money collateral. The project will use a hyperbolic system for the calculations in the first stage; it will create enormous opportunities to enlarge the capital for first-time token users. In the project’s second stage, the growth rate would be defined by the inflation with the feedback system integrated into the smart contract governed by the RSM token emission.

So, the Reserveum coin would be equally profitable for both the people who want to use it for the settlements and for those who want to store their funds in a safe coin and have a passive income from just holding the token.

You can see more about the life of the analytical group in the blog here:

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Based on the materials from RESERVEUM.ORG (link May  2022.

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