Ramadan 2020: 1st Ramadan will observe on Saturday in Pakistan and other Asian countries


The Holy month of Ramadan 2020 in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan will commence from 25 April.

Ramadan 2020- The Central Ruet e Hilal Committee has urged all Muslims of Pakistan to observe the moon of Ramadan on the evening of 30 Shaban, 1441 Hijri. The first Roza of Ramadan 2020 in Pakistan is on Saturday, April 25.

In Asian countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and Bangladesh crescent has seen today.

Meeting of Ruet e Hilal Committee regarding Ramadan held on Thursday. The Hilal Committee along with civilians has been asked to look for the Ramadan moon in Pakistan. The Pakistan Meteorological Department said on Thursday (April 23) that the moon of Ramadan was born on at 07:26 PST.

The moon sighted in Pakistan is vital that the crescent has been spotted in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries. Experts claim the crescent is visible in Pakistan.

In the eastern part of the world, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Afghanistan attempts were made to sight the crescent on Thursday (April 23). The month of Ramadan in these regions also will begin from Saturday.


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