Qaid Episode 05 – Zara Noor Abbas – Syed Jibran Shah

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Rehaam and Ashir studied together in college and have been good friends, soon they fall in love. Ashir’s mother has taken over his deceased father’s business and has been struggling to keep this business alive, in the midst of all this she sends Ashir abroad to save the ongoing contracts. Before Ashir leaves he wants both families to meet and finalize his proposal for Rehaam. But unfortunately, Reham’s taya springs up the subject of her marriage with his son and her father and taya end up in a big fight and Rehaam asks Ashir not to bring his family as her father is not well.
Heartbroken but willing to help his mother Ashir leaves the country soon while Rehaam is venturing into home tuitions and end up hired as Adaan’s teacher who is Ashir’s younger brother. This fact remains hidden as she builds a rapport with both Adaan and Ashir’s mother. All this leads to Adaan having a crush on Rehaam which at first Rehaam didn&#039​;t notice but as soon as she finds Adaan’s behavior unusual she discourages it and leaves this job.
Rehaam will accept the proposal and right on her wedding day, Adaan does something that brings Rehaam’s life to a point of no return. Viewers will see Rehaam making lots of sacrifices and viewers will see her suffer through others misdeeds but in the end will she be able to live a happy life? Will Ashir come to rescue her? Will Rehaam get the apology from people who have proven her wrong?
Written by: Shagufta Bhatti | Directed by: Mohsin Ali | Produced by: Shazia Wajahat & Wajahat Rauf | Production House: Showcase Productions

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Nesha Abdullah Khan as Suboor
Mehboob Sultan as Inspector Jibran
Nusrat Jahan as Parveen
Shehzad Malik as Rehmat
Ahmer Hussain as Muneer
Rameez Siddiqui as Ahmed
Mariyum Ansari as Farah
Farah Nadeem as Tasneem
Nida Mumtaz as Shakra
Tariq Jameel as Barkat
Saifullah Sohail as Adan
Gul e Rana as Appa Bi
Waseem abbas as Tufeeq
Mareena Khan as Sofia
Zara Noor Abbas as Reham
Syed Jibran Shah as Ashir

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Qaid Episode 05 – Zara Noor Abbas – Syed Jibran Shah

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