Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasizes on protecting the youth from unethical online content

Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasized the protection of the youth from online immoral content in a recent meeting on Thursday. However, the Prime Minister further mentioned that due to the rise of technology, everything is accessible with a single push of a button.

The meeting primarily focused on deciding effective ways to block such immoral websites as such content from these sites has an adverse effect on the youth’s character-building overall. The Prime Minister further commented:
“The proliferation of tech gadgets and 3G/4G internet technology has made all sort of content available to everyone.”

As a result, the PM has directed the respective authorities to ensure effective gate-keeping of the content in order to shield innocent brains. in addition, he mentioned that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority needs to work with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for blocking immoral websites. Moreover, the PTA also needs to enhance its Warehouse Management System capability by integrating with some global and regularly updated and databases of pornographic sites which would be blocked at URL and domain level.

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As of now, the PTA is working on these requirements which would take around 2 months to be completed.

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