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Police add terrorism clause in Marwah rape, murder case


KARACHI: According to a recent development in Marwah rape and murder case, the police have added sections of Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) 1997 and the case will be tried in the Anti Terrorism Court now, ARY News reported on Monday.

The case of 5-year-old Marwah, who was abducted from outside her house in Essa Nagri neighbourhood on September 4 and found in a gory state two days later on September 6, was confirmed to have sustained sexual abuse followed with fatal strikes across her head.

The police initially lodged the case for abduction, rape, murder and covering up of the crime. However, in its latest development, the case has now been updated from penal code purview to anti-terrorism purview.

“The case will be tried in ATC,” police confirmed.

“If the University lab furnished the test reports of suspects timely, the case would have been solved by now.”

All but three suspects remain in police custody as of now and the police claim a major development in the case shortly.

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Investigators probing the rape-cum-murder case of a five-year-old girl, Marwah in Karachi said on Saturday they have not received a DNA report of suspects yet.

A police official said they had sent samples of the suspects to a Hyderabad lab for DNA profiling. More than 30 suspects apprehended following the incident were set free after their DNA samples didn’t match with those of the minor victim.

According to police, the minor girl had come out of her home on Friday at around 7 a.m. to buy biscuits from a neighbouring shop when she was kidnapped. Her family lodged her missing report at the police station on the same day.



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