Pakistani startup ‘Gym Passport’ aims to revolutionise the fitness ecosystem

Gyms and fitness centers are very common in Pakistan, it’s a way for people to ensure a healthy lifestyle by paying a certain amount of fees per month. With the struggle to actually commit to such a lifestyle, challenges such as travel, cost and feasibility come around and remain a consistent problem for most people. This even extends to some facilities charging outrageously for their services. However, a Pakistani startup called ‘Gym Passport’ aims to eliminate all these challenges through a single mobile application.

Founded by Country Manager, Yousuf Ali, the startup has access to over 300+ gyms and fitness clubs, that are open 24/7, in 10+ cities across Pakistan and has strategically partnered with well-known brands such as foodpanda, Daraz, Jugnu, Xavor corporation, United Bank, Giftkarte, Marham, and more.

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Just from its name, the concept behind Gym Passport is to allow people to work out at any gym in the entire country at any time without paying separately for a different gym in case you are traveling or just relocating within the country. The Gym Passport app acts as the all-in-one application for you to pay for your monthly membership and check in to any gym or fitness center. What’s even more interesting about this application is that you can pay your gym fees via debit or credit card and select any package that seems reasonable to you.

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The Gym Passport app features three packages i.e. Lite, Standard, and Pro where each package has a price range and access to a certain range of gyms and fitness. The Lite package gives you access to nearly 150+ gyms throughout Pakistan, the Standard package gives access to nearly 250+ gyms, and the Pro package gives you access to more than 300 gyms spread in Pakistan.

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According to the startup, check-ins to gyms work by scanning a QR code from the application which is a major lifesaver for gym owners as this will eliminate the requirement of notebooks or keeping track of who actually checked in.

Gym Passport is available on both Android and iOS and is free to use. Moreover, once you sign up there are no registration fees required as only your email and phone number are enough. Once signed up, you can then select any package that the app has to offer. For further details about the app, click here.

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