Pakistani Celebrities come up with a short film about Covid-19 while staying at home


Celebrities stepped forward over Covid-19 awareness, as it turns out a global pandemic.

Pakistan’s celebrities are playing a great role in this time of epidemic where everyone needs to be locked up in their homes. After months now people have no motivation to stay at home. Celebrities are taking part in different drives, and donations for people some of them are partaking ration drives, making donations and even spreading vocal information from their personal social media accounts where millions of people all over the world follow them.

We have numerous celebrities, and 18 of them showed up in the video to highlight the important awareness message from Coronavirus.

The video includes Maya Ali, Zara Noor Abbas, Humayun Saeed, Hamza Abbasi, and Shehzad Roy is a few of them. They made videos from their own houses discussing several issues on a call with each other. Must say it was a creative idea and seems a little difficult to be done.  

At the end of the video it was included that this video is “without advertising of any brand” that is impressive to see that celebrities are not always doing this stuff only when they are getting pay. They are using their platforms, voice, and audience to spread awareness by speaking on social distancing and other important things.


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