One Injured in Shooting Incident During Protests in Beirut – Armed Forces

BEIRUT (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 30th June, 2020) An unknown gunman has opened fire during anti-government rallies in Lebanon‘s capital of Beirut, injuring one of the protesters, the country’s armed forces said.

The capital, along with other areas of the country, has seen a resurgence of protests against poor socio-economic conditions linked to a drastic spike in prices as well as the drop of the national Currency value against the US Dollar. Protesters are blocking roads and call on the authorities to begin working on saving the country from total economic collapse as soon as possible.

“While a group of people was trying to block a road in the Shatila area, an unidentified [person] opened fire, resulting in one of the young people getting injured.

The military intervened to stabilize the situation,” the armed forces said on Twitter.

Lebanese citizens took to the streets in mid-October when the government of then-Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced tax hikes on internet calls and tobacco in an attempt to salvage a deteriorating economy. On January 22, the new government, led by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, was confirmed to deal with the ongoing political and crisis.

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