Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Season 1 Episode 29 English, Urdu Subtitle Full HD

Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Season 1 Episode 29 English, Urdu Subtitle Full HD

Nizam-E-Alam (Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 28 Review

In Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 28, Malikshah come to know that his wife Bashulu hatun is alive and his man Hace was involved in this dirty game. He ordered him to come before him and explain why he did this. On this he said that he had done all this because of the state and he felt guilty whenever Malikshah asked him about his wife and feel the same when Bashulu hatun asked about him. Malikshah asked him that he has broken the confidentiality between them and he had taken decisions on his own and choose the impossible path when there were possible ways to sort this out. He further ordered him to went away from him and wait for his punishment because his sin could never be ignored or forgiven.

Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 28, Seyuduna furiously asked his son that Malikshah had Bashulu abducted and he’ll make him pay for this game. While his son asked him that the Seljuk’s were hitting their walls hard and that it is almost impossible for them to defend it only by archers. Seyuduna told his son that the secret is going to be exposed since Malikshah had found Bashulu alive and this mess in the palace will affect the soldiers and they won’t be able to attack for some time. He also asked his son to send Byzantine’s a message so that they could send a secret weapon for the walls defense and he knows what it is. He reiterated that he’ll send such trouble to Malikshah that it will turn his dynasty, Sultanate and throne into a fire place.

Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 28, Bashulu hatun and his son Sencer were worried about the Sultan’s reaction and thought of Hacel who had been victom of all this and eventually had to face the Sultan’s anger on this. Meanwhile, Sultan’s other wife and son tried to comfort them and said that everything will be alright once Sultan’s anger is over and once he got normal things will also get to normal. Sultan’s other son also admitted that he was shocked to hear the truth but now he accepted what was the fact and similarly his father will do the same. Then Hacel entered the room and every one lean on him and asked him about what did sultan say? In reply he said that sultan got mad at him. He didn’t made any decision aboht him but he asked him to leave the palace. The destiny was going to made me face him one day and today was the day he said in utmost disguise. I might be sentenced to death but a heavy responsibility has been removed from my shoulders he said. He also asked Sencer that sultan wants to see you.

Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 28, Sultan asked Sencer about his name that what should he called you Sencer or Ahmet? He remember those days when he first hold him in his arms and his cotton like hands and eyes were witnessed that you’re going to miss the father’s love in life. He was fighting a war amd the smell of a victory and death was so dominant. Sultan also said that he wished all his life about his lost son and asked him that did he ever missied his father? Sencer asked him the day sultan gave him the wolf’s skin the feeling of a orphanage disappeared. Sultan than asked about his mother and asked him why theg did that. Sencer replied that for sultan, sencer itself, his mother and his brother’s safety we have to do this he explained to sultan. Malikshah said that you were my arms and hands and you never exposed yourself and how could you get silenced for so long and how could you pretend that your mother is dead and didn’t you care about your father at all? Sencer replied that he had to stay without father that all the people of this state live with the father of this state. Just like he had to kept Sencer secret, he had to kept this secret too he added. He also said that sultan may not had him as his son or declared him as malik but he is happy to leave as an orphan because he got used to it but he is worried about his mother. She has faced countless hardships in her life. She had seen many storms in her life. She has saw you but couldn’t look at you, she stands in front of you but couldn’t touch you he added. She needs to say something and express herself sultan he said. Get angry on her or punish her but once look into her for once he asked sultan.

Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 28, Seyuduna send a note with the help of a pigeon. On asking by his son he told him that he send this to the dark trouble we wanted to send over Melikshah. Further explaining he said that this note was send to  Melikshah’s uncle’s son Turhan Shah who is the Melik of Kirman. He had swallowed his father’s death and when he knows that Malikshah got the throne by keeping a secret, he’ll cause great distress both for Malikshah and Nizamulmulk. On asking wether after defeating Malikshah and Nizamulmulk will he not create trouble for us? He said that he had thought about it and the dark destiny will be shielded by someone else in the dynasty. Sying this he flied the pigeon and asked him to bring the dark trouble Turhan shah over Melikshah.

Nizam-E-Alam(Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu) Episode 28, Hace said that he had no worries about his own self but he is worried about the secret which is now spread and could bring the hard days to the state and he predicted that hard days are yet to come for the state. Things happened in the palace will effect the army near Shalamzar as well. All of them must loose now and we need tk save the soldiers as well as the people in captivity. We should go to them and get them back quickly to shalamzar.

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26 April 2021
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26 April 2021
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26 April 2021
Lahore, Pakistan

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 29 (Great Seljuks) – Urdu Subtitles

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