NASA Astronauts Thank Russian Cosmonauts for Contribution to Crew Dragon Mission’s Success

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 01st August, 2020) NASA astronauts, ahead of their return to Earth, have thanked Russian cosmonauts for “exceptional teamwork” on the International Space Station (ISS), noting their contribution to the success of Crew Dragon’s first manned mission.

“We were reminded fairly recently that we’re about at the 45th anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz test project … It’s kind of neat to have that mission that exemplifies the team work between Russia and the United States, of course back then the Soviet Union and the United States, but now Russia, and to be able to share this expedition with Anatoly [Ivanishin] and Ivan [Vagner].

The tremendous amount of team work that they have put forth over the mission is just being exceptional,” Doug Hurley said.

“We can’t thank them enough for their contribution to the success of expedition 63 and the DMT test mission. So, Ivan and Anatoly, thank you,” the spacecraft commander on the first crewed flight of the SpaceX Crew Dragon added.

Crew Dragon carrying Hurley and Bob Behnken is set to undock from the ISS later on Saturday to return to Earth the next day.

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