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Motorway incident: Why the rapists left Rs1000 note in victim’s car?


ISLAMABAD: In a startling revelation in motorway gang rape case on Monday, it emerged that the accused left a Rs 1000 note on the dashboard of the victim’s vehicle which she had promised to handover to police personnel, who assured her of bringing petrol of Rs 1000, ARY NEWS reported.

The revelation was made by the female news anchor Fereeha Idrees, during ARY NEWS programme, Power Play.

While narrating the entire episode, Fereeha Idrees said that the victim, who is in contact with her, said that she reached the toll plaza and paid for the toll besides also asking for the nearest petrol pump.

After covering some distance, her car stopped and she called the motorway helpline. They apologized but gave her the local number on which a person took her location via Whatsapp and then asked her to wait.

Fereeha while quoting the victim as saying that on asking as to how much petrol she needed in money, the woman asked him to bring fuel of Rs 1000. She then waited for more than 90 minutes before the assailants attacked her car and later raped her by dragging her to a nearby area.

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When the woman was found by the police and her car belongings were retrieved, eye witness says there was a note of “Rs 1000” on the dashboard and her card, Fereeha said adding that it was left by the attackers as there was a smudge on the window and card of dirt too.

“Apparently, the attackers had wished that she should go home and not tell anyone. But is this a coincidence that she had said that she wanted at least 1000 rupees petrol to reach home and the attackers knew it as well. One of them had gone back to place it as the bag was with them.”



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