Microsoft adds built-in VPN to its Edge browser

Microsoft has announced that its Web browser Edge will now have a built in VPN to ensure security and privacy. 

The update name ‘Edge Secure’, soon to be added as a security upgrade, is currently being tested with Cloudflare-powered VPN service.

The VPN will enable users to keep their data secret by ensuring that the internet service provider does not have access to their browsing history.

The feature will also allows users to hide their location and tracking services by using a virtual IP address and especially to access content blocked in territories like Hulu or HBO Max.

However, the service is announced to be free but it will come with a data limit of 1GB per month. Users will also be required to sing in to their Microsoft account and let the company track their usage, which will remove all the data inside 25 hours.

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Clouflare will collect diagnostic and support information from the service, the page said.

Microsoft is letting users test out a preview of the upcoming VPN feature that has been rolled out to Microsoft Edge Insider channels. Users can download and install the feature to test it out on their browsers.

Opera comes with a free VPN service, but in comparison with Google Chrome and Mozilla which offers paid VPNs, Microsoft Edge may be the first to offer this feature.


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