Metametaverse Joins Forces With to Launch ‘Metaverse Founders Club’

Metametaverse Joins Forces With to Launch ‘Metaverse Founders Club’

The Metaverse Founders Club, a group of metaverse initiatives, has been launched by Metametaverse. A common goal is to foster interoperability across projects and virtual worlds by joining the Founders’ Club.

According to Metametaverse CEO Joel Dietz:

“Sadly, in many crypto metaverses, the tendency is more of a banker that wants to capture all of the money, rather than games that were thought through from the standpoint of optimizing user experience.”

The Metametaverse and the projects are kicking off this endeavor to improve cooperation and interoperability amongst the many metaverses. It is imperative that the Metaverse Founders Club be established to bring together the founders and pioneers of other virtual worlds to explore the potential of this new virtual world jointly.

Every three months, the members of the Metaverse Founders Club will meet to plan a cross-metaverse game. Initially, gamers will go on an adventure throughout the many metaverses, searching for clues to unlock new places inside those realms. A scavenger search throughout the metaverse is scheduled for June 2022.

Founders of the Metaverse Founders Club and two staff members from each team meet on Discord. A nomic mechanism for changing and preserving the constitution of the Metaverse Founders Club also exists. There is a one-per-month opportunity for all metaverse founders to submit changes to the constitution.

The following is outlined in the founding constitution of the Metaverse Founders Club:

  • The “bylaws” are the original set of regulations.
  • Any bylaw may be revised once a month during the founders’ consortium.
  • At least three days before the monthly founders’ meeting, any changes to the bylaws (including the proposal of new members) must be presented.
  • Three days before the meeting, participants cast their votes. 
  • All votes will be included in a public document as an amendment. 
  • A majority of those present establish the quorum. 
  • For a person to be a founding member of the Metaverse Founders Club, they must be an executive in charge of a virtual treasure hunt-related metaverse or similar technology.

The Metaverse Founders Club’s first members are:

  • Metametaverse CEO and metametalang author Joel Dietz
  • CEO Pedro Jardim
  • Space CEO Batis Samadian
  • Terra Virtua CTO Jawed
  • Godot Co-Founder Ariel Manzur
  • NFT Oasis CEO & Co-Founder Will O’Brien
  • Spatial Web Foundation Founder Dan Mapes
  • MetaverseTalks Chairman David Bundi

The introduction of the Metaverse Founders Club is an excellent method to improve interoperability across virtual worlds and experiences. In addition, the Metaverse Founders Club’s planned treasure hunt and other cross-world activities will expose gamers to new metaverses.

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