MetaMetaVerse Drops 5,000 Unique MetaShip And NFTs On OpenSea For Cross-Metaverse

The MetaMetaverse team is happy to announce the MetaShip in the OpenSea marketplace. The MetaShips are the world’s first cross-chain upgradable Non-fungible (NFT) tokens and are required to purchase land in the Metametaverse later.

Victoria, Seychelles, on 13 May 2022, in the OpenSea marketplace, MetaMetaverse released a set of 5,000 unique NFTs. Each MetaShip has its own set of characteristics and properties that will serve different functions in the MetaMetaverse. The collection’s sale will take place from May 9 to May 13, with MetaShips available for 0.1ETH.

Joel Dietz, CEO, and Founder of MetaMetaverse says

MetaMetaverse is the first step to building a spacefaring civilization. The MetaShips are your ticket to getting there. We are happy to see many people signing up and getting their ships.

The MetaShip collection is made up of different tiers of warships that can be recognized by their appearance and colors.

  • Common – MetaShips in blue and grey are common (50 % of the supply)
  • Uncommon – MetaShips in green, yellow, and red are uncommon (45% of the supply)
  • Rare – Black and silver MetaShips are quite rare (4.54% of the supply)
  • Extremely rare – Gold is extremely rare (0.55% of the supply)

The MetaShip collection is based on the Ethereum blockchain, but it will be upgradeable between chains. Metametalang instructions are used to upgrade Layer 2 solutions like Polygon. For validity and evidence of ownership, all token IDs will be stamped on the Ethereum blockchain.

The speed and combat abilities of one’s warship will be affected by the upgradeability of MetaShips. MetaShips also functions as a license for the new virtual community, allowing them to travel across multiple metaverses. The metaverse is a virtual reality domain in which people are supposed to create avatars of themselves in order to connect with others in the virtual world. Users of a MetaShip can access new kinds of governance that are appropriate for a space-age civilization.

MetaShips’ long-term goals include purchasing land in the MetaMetaverse and participating in upcoming blockchain games under this brand. MetaShip owners will also have access to MetaMetaverse’s future NFT awards and falls.

MetaMetaverse is a platform for building users’ own metaverse, completely with its own metametalang metaverse creation and interoperability language. Unique features include the ability to create their own games and fractal zoom, which allows users to split and sell their metaverse. MetaShips that can be upgraded also allow traveling through different metaverses. 

Joel Dietz meta

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