Mendirman Jaloliddin

Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 1 (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) English & Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 1 (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) English & Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Celaleddin (Mendirman Jaloliddin) will be broadcast on 14 Febuary 2021 in Uzbekistan.

The screenwriter and producer of the Turkish famous series Resurrection Ertuğrul, Mehmet Bozdağ says his new historical TV series on Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) will be broadcast by February in Turkey. Mehmet Bozdag also told in an interview to Anadolu Agency (AA) in the series premiere in Uzbekistan that, “It will create a great impact worldwide,”.

Mehmet Bozdag, who is the producer of Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman has started working on another historical series.

This new Historical TV Series will be based on the true history of Jaloliddin Abul-Muzaffar Manguberdi ibn Muhammad, who was the last ruler of the Khwarezmian Empire from the Anushtegin Dynasty. Ala ad-Din Muhammad II was his father, who was killed by Genghis Khan.

The first season of the Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) series will be consisting of 13 episodes with running time of 1 hour for each. Filming of Mendirman Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) series has completed. The site of the shooting is a plateau in Riva which is the same as of the Ottoman seriesEmre Kıvılcım will be playing the major role of Jaloliddin Manguberdi (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) in the first season.

Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) series will cover the history that how Jaloliddin Manguberdi defeated the Mongol Empire in the Battle of Parwan and later tried to defend his empire until his death. The series will also cover some areas alongside the Indus River in Pakistan. Pakistan had already made a TV series named “Akhri Chattan” about this personality back in 1985 CE.

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History of Jalaluddin Khwarazmshah

At the point when it became realized that Genghis Khan was walking towards Khwarazm, Jalal promotion commotion proposed to his dad to meet the Mongols in one definitive fight close to the Syr Darya. In any case, Muhammad II depended on his all around strengthened forts and didn’t collect soldiers, disseminating them rather among the significant towns of his realm. Then, the Mongols quickly took one city after another. Toward the start of 1220, Bukhara fell, trailed by Samarqand. Muhammad began to withdraw west, and after a progression of ineffective fights, was left with a modest bunch of warriors and his children. The immense and unrestrained Khwarazmian armed force couldn’t crush the adversary, which was a lot of substandard in number.

Rumors from far and wide suggest that Muhammad, who escaped to the Caspian Sea, being critically ill, accumulated his children: Jalal advertisement Din, Aqshah, and Uzlagh Khan and reported that he named Jalal promotion Din as beneficiary to the seat, on the grounds that no one but he could stand up to the foe. Bringing the more youthful children to submission, he draped his sword on the belt of Jalal promotion Din. A couple of days after the fact, Muhammad kicked the bucket and Jalal promotion Din was announced a Khwarazmshah.

Following the annihilation of his dad, Ala advertisement Din Muhammad II by Genghis Khan in 1220, Jalal promotion Din Mingburnu came to power and withdrew with the excess Khwarazm powers, while sought after by a Mongol armed force and at the skirmish of Parwan, north of Kabul, crushed the Mongols.

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Because of the Mongol intrusion, the terminating of Samarkand and being abandoned by his Afghan partners, Jalal promotion Din had to escape to India. At the Indus River, notwithstanding, the Mongols found him and butchered his powers, alongside a great many exiles, at the Battle of Indus. He got away and looked for haven in the Sultanate of Delhi yet Iltutmish denied this to him in respect to the relationship with the Abbasid caliphs. The urban communities of Herat, Ghazni and Merv were obliterated and slaughtered by the Mongols, for his opposition or defiance.

The Mendirman Jaloliddin series discusses the story of how Jaloliddin Mangobirdi defeated the Mughal Empire in Jang-e-Parwane and later tried to defend his kingdom till death. This series is the true story of the lion Jaloliddin Khawarizm Shah, who was on the way a real trouble for Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan said of him, “Blessed are the parents whose sons are like Jaloliddin, and blessed are the mothers who give birth such lions.” “If I had a son like Jaloliddin, I would have conquered the world.”
The theme for Mendirman Jaloliddin will be the great Turkish ruler Jaloliddin Harezmshah and his difficult life. Jaloliddin’s father, Muhammad II, tried to defend his state against the Mongol terror, but it was very difficult to do when Genghis Khan and his brutal army was there. Muhammad II retreated to the west. Muhammad after understanding the seriousness of the situation and call his sons and encouraged them join him. After some time, he announced Jaloliddin as next sultan. Muhammad II was soon fall ill and then left this world.
As soon as Jaloliddin ascended the throne, he defeated the Mongols north of Kabul. After this victory, life became even more difficult for Jaloliddin because his brothers wanted someone else to be their sultan and the Mongol attacks became more serious. There will be thirteen episodes of the TV series. This series was shot in Uzbekistan and historians from different countries like Turkey, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Iran worked on the script of the series. Mendirman Jaloliddin is expected to describe life, wars and people in Asia in the mid-1200s. The battle scenes in the desert were filmed in Aksaray province, 750 km from Istanbul. More than 200 people worked on the clothes. The spectators designed the shirts in detail so that they could see the real look of the old days. In this series, a part of land alongside Indus river will also be covered. However, in past Pakistan has made a series on this subject named Akhri Chatan.

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Note : English and Urdu Subtitles will be available on Monday Morning 15th February 2021 just on The Pakistan Post.

Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 1 (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) English Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 1 (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) Urdu Subtitles

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