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Mavera Episode 3 Review

In Mavera Episode 3, Sahsuvar says thanks to Ahmad for aiding Necip and discloses to him that individuals in this area need to take something. Ahmad says that nobody needs to take and is rarely apprehensive. Pehlivan sees the wooden blade made by Ahmad and advises his companions to try to avoid panicking. Vendors in the market notice that every one of my shops have been burglarized. Sahsuvar loosens Ahmad’s hand and takes him around the Sazlik area. Ahmad sees the yearning and destitution around here. While Leyla is sitting with the young ladies in her home, she discovers that every one of the shops in the market have been ransacked. Mahmud keeps on sitting tight for Ahmad in the carpentry workshop and miracles where he abandoned telling anybody.

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Sahsuvar says he will not do that. Ahmad says he will not quit coming clean regardless. Ahmad says he will attempt to take care of all the poor in Baghdad. Saltuk and Ahmad’s companions go to the Sazlik area to take Khwaja. Dai visits Dubeys and requests that he act quicker at this point. Dubeys asks some additional time, however Dai says a man will come to converse with him.

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Mahmud says that the dealers have lost a great deal of property and that they can’t help in this matter. Dai puts his blade around Dubeys’ neck and tests whether his men are faithful. Dai at that point gets some information about Dubeys’ covert agents. Saltuk later informed a Seljuk authority regarding Khwaja’s experience. Saltuk asks when they will assault Dubeys. Dai begins conversing with Dubeys’ government agents and gets some information about them. That evening Khwaja goes to the clan of migrants. Dealer Tarik goes to chapel to purchase medication for his child. The cleric says thanks to Tarik for his assistance to the congregation and discloses to him that he will before long request something different. Atif calls Marwan and starts to incite him against Ahmad.

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Ahmad needs to return the hanky he took to wrap his hand, yet the little girl of the man they protected says it was excessive. Atif says that Ahmad will make more serious threats and the standing of the cabin will be harmed. Atif says that the solitary authority of the dervish stop is Mervan and asks him not to bring Khwaja into the cabin.

Mavera Episode 4 English Subtitles Full HD

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