Mavera Episode 15 English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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Mavera Episode 14 Overview

In Mavera Episode 14, Ahmed and Mansur sit some place in the cell. Mahmud and Shahsuvar gain from Tarik that Haje has been captured. Shahsuvar takes Mahmud to the Sazlik area and reveals to him that he will discuss Hisam. Mervan calls Atif to the dervish cabin and discloses to him that they assaulted the cleric however that man was not a minister. Mervan says that man beat everybody. Saltukh reveals to Mervan’s activities to his officer and thinks that Atif is engaged with the black powder plan. Pehlivan says that he will go to the plain and he will mention to the travelers what befell Ahmed.

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Pehlivan expresses gratitude toward Leyla. Ahmed needs to supplicate in the prison, so he asks the gatekeeper warrior for a container of water. The watchman trooper doesn’t offer anything to Haje. The killer Husrev advises Ahmed to be quiet and stand by until his sentence is finished. Saltukh goes to the Sazlik area and asks Shahsuvar what to do. Shahsuvar says that Mahmud will assault Hisam’s place and they set out together. Subsequent to imploring with Mansur, Ahmed begins cleaning the phone in the prison. Dai goes to Dubeys’ central command. Dubeys apologizes to him. Dai specifies the mystery Karguy association and says that they have assumed control over the cleric.

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While food is being dispersed in the prison, Husrev doesn’t permit a criminal to get bread, yet Haje imparts his bread to that man. Husrev assaults Ahmed with a blade, however Ahmed kills him. Dubeys’ warriors discover where the Seljuk central command is found. Hisam blows up with Mahmud and Saltukh for his clients leaving the motel. Hisam says that he will sort out a wrestling competition that evening and they will partake in these matches to recuperate his misfortune. Ahmed attempts to help Husrev in spite of all that occurred. Hisam begins the wrestling match and clarifies the principles of the game.

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Dubeys unexpectedly assaults as Turkish fighters attempt to get the cleric to talk and catches him. Shahsuvar sneaks into Hisam’s room while everybody is watching the wrestling match-up. Mahmud takes a blade in his grasp and liberates Saltukh, at that point he catches Hisam. Shahsuvar discovers the chest in Hisam’s room and takes it. Dai discovers that Dubeys assaulted the central command of the Karguy association. Atif’s warriors took everybody in the prison out, with the exception of Ahmed and Mansur.

Mavera Episode 15 English Subtitles Full HD

Mavera Episode 15 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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