MATIC going strong, makes it to all-time high; how much further can it climb

MATIC formed its ATH at $2.7 in May earlier this year. The past couple of days have seen MATIC trade very near the ATH, and climb to $2.73 momentarily as well. A bearish divergence was seen on a lower time frame, and a subsequent dip to $2.57 was readily bought up too.

The bullish pressure behind MATIC has been building for weeks now and could drive MATIC to $3 or even higher. However, $2.52 was a level bulls would not want to see the price drop beneath.


Source: MATIC/USDT on TradingView

The Fibonacci retracement tool was used to plot some levels of retracement for MATIC, based on its move down from $2.579 to $1.735. Alongside the retracement levels, higher time frame support levels (green) were also plotted.

The two sets of levels had some confluence at the $2.05 mark and the $2.25-$2.28 area. Hence, these levels assumed greater significance. Over the past few days, a wedge pattern also formed (white), and MATIC broke out above the upper trendline and retested it as support.

The $2.57-$2.6 is a short-term level of significance. Price had climbed to $2.69 and retested this area for buyers in recent hours. As long as price doesn’t drop back beneath the $2.52 level, it remained likely that MATIC would push higher.


Source: MATIC/USDT on TradingView

The OBV made a series of higher lows in recent days to denote strong buying pressure. Momentum in the near term also looked bullish, and a pullback to the $2.57 level has already occurred.

On the MACD, highlighted in pink was a bearish divergence- the MACD made lower highs while the price made higher highs. This divergence was followed by a minor dip to $2.57. However, it was likely that MATIC would continue to climb.

On higher time frames, since mid-November, MATIC has formed higher lows at an increased frequency, which indicated that the parabolic move was likely upon us. This could take MATIC to $2.8 and $3.1, which are the 27.2% and 61.8% extension levels of the move plotted on the price chart.


MATIC was strongly bullish on the charts. The $2.57-$2.6 area, alongside the $2.52 level, are areas to watch in the near term. If the price moves below these, a further pullback could occur. However, at the time of writing, it appeared likely that MATIC could push toward $3 in the coming days.

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