Madiha Imam & Usman Mukhtar Starrer Aik to Hum Aurtain  

The short film titled ‘Aik to Hum Aurtain’ starring Madiha Imam and Usman Mukhtar is making headlines. It was released on 27th May 2022 and has been trending on YouTube. After the pandemic situation put a halt on the movie industry, the short film culture started to thrive in Pakistan. The fans got to watch numerous short films on TV and online. Most people tend to shift their interests with changing trends, the success of short TV content is one example.

Madiha Imam and Usman Mukhtar Aik to Hum Aurtain

Most people experienced hardships during the pandemic. Although many have brought their lives back on track, things aren’t the same for everyone. This short film is a small try to show people how hard the pandemic hit some families. “ Dedicated to the homemakers in our life without whom we could not survive the disaster of Covid 19,” the film depicts a heart-warming story inspired by true events.


Madiha Imam and Usman Mukhtar Aik to Hum Aurtain

Madiha and Usman are playing the lead roles in the film. The two are middle-class couples who had to face the horrors of pandemics away from their family. Their story is no different from what common people had to go through during the unprecedented hard times. Watching the film most people will relate to it and accept the narrative as their own. The Madiha and Usman duo was handpicked by renowned TV director Nadeem Baig for this role. And they did it extraordinarily great.


Madiha Imam and her Pandemic Story

When Madiha finds out her husband has lost his job and their savings will not last for long, she takes a big step. The young girls try hard to make both ends meet and take every risk to make a living in such uncertain situations. It portrays her courage and determination even in difficult circumstances. However, things get ugly when her husband asks about the money she’s bringing with her. In frustration, the two struggle to believe each other. But everything gets better as the story advances.

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