Last Instagram Post Of Zara Abid Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes


So, once again it is hardened that 2020 is indeed not a jammy year. Today another down hearted incident took place in Karachi where a PIA plan crashed a few moments before its landing.

With more than 90 passengers were boarded on it. According to the news more than 30 deaths have been reported till now. We hereby sadly add that among many other passengers model Zara Abid was also present in that ill fated PIA plan that crashed.

zara abid 1 1

zara abid 1 1

According to the sources the news of Zara’s demise has been confirmed. We pray that Zara Allah grant Zara and all the departed souls higher ranks in Jannah, and give Sabar to their families.

Zara Abid’s last post on Instagram put us all in agony.

Zara shared a picture in which she is sitting and posing in a helicopter and wrote: “Fly high, it’s good”

Who knew that a few days after posing this picture she will actually fall a prey to an air crash. We never Know what destiny has planned for us. Rest In Peace Zara.


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