Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 2 Update Full Details

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 2 Update Full Details

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Hello Freinds! Welcome to The Pakistan Post Kurulus Osman’s season finale is ready to hit the screens There will be such a fierce battle and action that the fans will not be able to take their eyes off the screen even for a moment. The new trailer has already excited the fans so much that they are already ready to watch the episode. The new trailer was enough to make fans’ hearts beat faster Everyone is anxiously waiting to see the action-packed and suspense-filled scenes of Kurulus Osman’s season finale. The series is currently in full swing 

The magic of this episode, which has a great story, is telling Osman Bey’s action is already enough to win everyone’s heart And now a big battle in which many supporters of Osman Bey are fighting And together they will face a large army Increasing everyone’s interest The action lunatics have started swaying happily with the arrival of the trailer Because in the next episode, the action-packed season will be seen step by step 

In today’s Article we will talk about why

  • Seljuk soldiers were seen but why Sultan Mesud was missing from the battlefield? 
  • Is it time to change the identity of Kayi’s and become Ottoman? 
  • Who is leading the huge army that Osman Bey has clashed with? 
  • Is the birth of a child a dream of Osman Bey? 
  • Why didn’t Nikola appear on the battlefield? 
  • Malhun Hatun will be born Orhan or Alauddin? 
  • Also explain the meaningful conversation of The Bala and the Malhun We will talk about how to avoid poisoning a Malhun Hatun and her child 

In addition, we will give you even more great information in today’s Article Must Read theArticle till the end to know the full details And subscribe to our channel Season 2 of Kurulus Osman will say goodbye to us in a very enthusiastic manner The lack of action had saddened the fans For some time now, no major war has been seen And the rest of the small pearl wars seemed to end with the beginning Which disappointed the fans Everyone was worried about whether the same style would be used in the last episode 

But Kurulus Osman’s team never misses an opportunity to surprise the fans But Kurulus Osman’s team is avoiding disappointing the fans every time Therefore, action will be given high priority in the last installment to remove the previous complaints The plot for the Great War had been seen in the story for a long time But everyone expected that this big battle season would last for four months That’s exactly what happened Osman Bey put the Mongols against such a wall that now they can do nothing He also paid taxes and responded to the clever Mongols 

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Now it is the turn of the Byzantines Who have planned bigger than their time As well as clashing with Osman Bey, he is also facing the Seljuks In this great battle, they will have to eat If we talk about the details of the war, the viewers will once again see different games in this war In the last episode also, the war took place under the plan Osman Bey ambushed somewhere else and Ducas attcked somewhere else Speaking of the next episode,

in it, Osman Bey will first respond to Ducas’s attack And then there will be a great war We also saw Sultan Masad coming for war in the first trailer But whether they will really fight in the war is a big question We will talk about this topic but first let’s talk about Osman Bey’s plan The Byzantines were about to attack with a large army We all know Commander Ducas was waiting for a large army from Macedonia He also mentioned this to Nikola Well, we think that the army sent by the emperor has arrived, that is why the Seljuks have also appeared in the war But surprisingly,

it seemed that the sultans were not present at the battle Has this really happened? Viewers We think it is difficult for the Sultan to fight a war And they are not shown in the trailer Because even every soldier has been seen fighting in the war Therefore, it is possible that Osman Bey prevented him from going to the battlefield for his safety Or something important has happened and Sultan Mesud has gone to Konya But Sultan Masood has kept his promise and provided military assistance to

Osman Bey In the trailer we see many Seljuk soldiers fighting the Byzantines along with Osman Bey. Some Seljuk soldiers were seen coming to the battlefield with Omar Bey And the rest of Omar Bey’s special soldier landed on the field Not only Sultan but also Nikola was not seen in this war Madha is very curious about this There are only two cases Either Nikola will play with Ducas and ambush himself on the other side Or leave Ducas on the field 

It is possible that he himself got Ducas involved in the plot But it is more likely that Nikola himself will be on the sidelines in this fight And will leave Ducas to die, depending on the circumstances Osman has long been seen talking about founding a new state We’ve seen a lot of changes this season Many Ghazis are seen gathering under the flag of Osman Bey Many members of the Torhan Alp tribe have settled in Sogut And this trend will not stop now,

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but will continue to grow faster Since the foundation of the state will be episode season, our attention is being drawn again and again in the same season. After all, it is between Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun that the issue has come up for discussion We will talk about this, but first we will talk about the identity of the Kayi’s Because these people were later called Ottomans, now the question is whether it is time to change this introduction. Viewers We have repeatedly told you that very soon large Turkish tribes and important allies will be seen joining the ranks of Osman Bey. Much of this has come to light this season And now people are slowly migrating and settling in the Osman Bey area Next season,

we’ll get to see whole tribes When different Turkic tribes settle in one place and carry on the pregnancy of a chief, their different identities will be changed to the same name And he will be Ottoman These people will go on to be called Osmani We’ll see this progress next season Another very important issue is the birth of Osman Bey’s child 

In the closing scenes of Episode 62, we learned that Malhun Hatun was about to become a mother And the details of this topic were known in the previous episode And now all of a sudden everyone was stunned to see Osman Bey’s baby in the trailer. Surprisingly, only two episodes ago, the news of Malhun’s mother came. And now the child has come out of Mashaallah Weavers need not be so surprised It immediately occurred to everyone whether this was a dream come true 

That is, Malhun Hatun or Osman Bey may have had a dream But in our opinion, this is not the case at all, that is, it is just a dream If you remember, we have been telling you over and over again that like Dirilis Ertugrul, Osman Bey’s son will be born in the same season. And next season will look a little bigger,

as Gunduz did So in the next episode we will see the birth of Osman Bey’s son But it is also possible that after the wars, etc., Osman may be seen planning for the future And perhaps the marriage of Cerkutay will also be considered And then we get to see some time gap Which can be months or even a year At the same time we will see the birth of Orhan Now this scene clearly shows

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that Malhun had escaped poison And the zoe was caught. Besides, we saw Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun talking for the first time. Both of them had such a gleam in their eyes. Which showed that their hearts have melted for each other Perhaps a poisonous incident has occurred here And the scene after that or Malhun is preparing for a war Bala Hatun has been with Osman Bey for a long time Therefore, as his wife, she understands all the decisions better And she knows when she can go to war And when does Bala Hatun tell Malhun that we are the wives of Osman Bey

Together with them, they also take part in the holy struggle The most important thing she said was that we will be the mothers of this state The basis of which is that Osman is baseless, that is, the issue of the foundation of the state was once again discussed We are being prepared for the time when the foundation of the state will be laid And a new era will begin. If viewers like the Article, please like and share it The newly released trailer of the Kurulus Osman series has really made you more desperate for the season finale Be sure to let us know in the comments box In today’s Article, that’s all there is to it in a new Article

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Kurulus Osman, who will appear on the ATV channel this evening, will take steps to gradually end the Mongol curse. After the end of the second season, it looks like the new season will come on the screens with a different scene. Now, with the third season, fierce battles with Byzantium will appear on screen. Wars with the Mongols are expected to be minimal.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Release Date

The Kurulus Osman Season 3 will begin on October 3, 2021

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