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Kurulus Osman Episode 63 (Season 2 Episode 36) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 63 (Season 2 Episode 36) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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Kurulus Osman Episode 62 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 62, Togay kneels in front of Osman and asks him to carry out his execution. Cerkutay gives Bamsi’s swords to Osman. Osman remembers what Bamsi said a long time ago and executes the criminals he caught in front of everyone. Sheikh says that Osman gave the necessary punishment to the criminals. Osman says he will always punish those who attack the Turks no matter what. All the people are pleased with Osman’s punishment. The governor goes to the sultan’s palace and tells him that Osman kidnapped Togay.

As punishment, the governor tells Osman that he has to pay three years’ tax in three days. Osman goes to Bamsi’s grave and says that he took his revenge. Nikola is happy that Togay is dead, but he thinks that this situation strengthens Osman even more. Meanwhile, a Mongolian envoy comes and says that the governor will support Nikola against Osman. The ambassador says that the Mongols will give the gold they collected from the taxes to Nikola. Nikola accepts this offer but says that he will not be anyone’s toy.

Nikola assigns Dmitri to get the gold that the Mongols will send. While Osman is talking to Bala that night, the message sent by the Sultan arrives. The next day, Osman sets off early with some Alps. Mongolian soldiers give the gold to Dmitri and go away. Osman sees the Byzantine soldiers taking the gold and attacks them shortly after. While Bala goes to help the soup kitchen, Malhun makes some changes in Osman’s tent.

Meanwhile, the message sent by the Emperor arrives at the castle. Nikola sets off immediately to meet the Emperor’s son in Iznik. Gunduz is happy that they will pay taxes to the Mongols with the gold they have seized. Bala returns to the plain and tells Malhun that things cannot be moved at the tent. Bala starts arguing with Malhun and says that every item in the tent has a meaning. Osman comes to his tent with the gold and says he will hold a meeting with his Beys.

Osman says that the purpose of the state is to provide justice and that he will come again with Boran the next day. That night, Bala tells Osman about Malhun’s changes and complains about her. Osman tells that what Malhun did is not a problem and starts to tells a story to Bala. This story is the story of a generous man that Kumral told the children. Nikola goes to Iznik, but the Emperor’s son starts to get angry with him.

One of the merchants in Sogut comes to the court but cannot say anything out of fear. Osman asks Boran to tell all the facts. Boran admits that he forced the merchant to sell the house in the market and says he regrets it. Sheikh Edebali tells Boran to pay ten gold coins as punishment. Osman realizes that Boran understands his mistake and forgives him. Nikola tells the Lords of the Emperor’s plan and that Ducas is coming soon. Leo says a major war will completely destroy trade in the region, but Nikola threatens him.

Kurulus Osman Episode 63 (Season 2 Episode 36) with English & Urdu Subtitles

Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Episode 63 English Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 36) & Kurulus Osman Episode 63 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost. Kurulus Osman episode 63 trailer with English & Urdu Subtitles is also available here. Kurulus Osman episode 63 release date is 16-06-2021Kurulus Osman episode 63 will be on-air on ATV Channel in Turkish. The live streaming of Kurulus Osman episode 63 in Turkish can be achieved by Clicking Here. Those who can understand Turkish will be able to watch Kurulus Osman episode 63 even later by Clicking Here but ATV Youtube channel uploads the episode later.

Those who are searching for watching Kurulus Osman episode 63 in English subtitles in Ultra HD 1080 resolution free of cost, have found a right platform. You will be able to watch Kurulus Osman episode 63 English Subtitles on every Thursday morning after 2 hours of the official release.

Kurulus Osman Episode 63 Release Date in Different Countries

06:00 PM Wednesday01:00 PM Wednesday10:00 PM Wednesday 
16 June 202116 June 202116 June 2021
London,  UKNew York, USALahore, Pakistan

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