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Kidnappers’ gang attempts to rip one-year-old from pram in a superstore


In a shocking incident, a gang of kidnappers attempted to grab a one-year-old girl from her pram in front of her elder sister in a departmental store in England.

According to the details, the woman along with her siblings went for shopping at the departmental store situated in Crewe, Cheshire. The woman was busy in shopping when a gang of three women and one man started to follow her round the shop.

The woman resisted and shouted for help when one of the suspects tried to rip the one-year-old out from her pram. However, the suspects managed to escape from the scene before other people reached there.

 In a warning to other parents shared on social media, the woman said one of the gang ‘tried to rip’ the one-year-old from the pram before they fled the scene.

She wrote: “I cannot believe these four people tried to chore my one-year-old baby sister.”

“They tried to rip her out the pram and followed the children around the shop. I amm reporting it to the police.”

She said: “I was in Aldi earlier with my 17-week-old baby and they were acting so weirdly, leaning into his pram staring at him and watching my every move, Mail Online reported.

“They were following me around the store and I left in the end because of them!”

The woman said,” I honestly think if he didn’t have the rain cover over him for COVID reasons, they would have fully reached in and tried to take him too.”

They were acting so weird, watching my every move and staring at my baby into the pram. They made me feel so uncomfortable, she added.

“I was staring the woman out to let her know I saw what she was doing and to back off but they wouldn’t leave me and my baby alone.”

‘It really freaked me out, it’s definitely the same people.’

A spokesman for Cheshire Police said they were aware of the online post but added: “The incident has not been reported to us and we would encourage anyone with any information to report this to Cheshire Police.”



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