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KDA sources divulge internal spat behind Civic Center double homicide


KARACHI: The sources have revealed the internal story in the firing incident that took place in Civic Center on Tuesday, claiming the lives of two and injuring one Karachi Development Authority (KDA) officers, ARY News reported.

The suspect in the double homicide, Assistant Director Hafeezul Hasna, who reportedly opened fire in the office today, has been maintaining the same post for 15 years now, KDA sources confirmed.

The newly appointed Director of Land in the KDA Raza Qaimkhani ordered transfers of long-appointed officers immediately after holding the post which, reportedly, drove Hasna to pull some strings and call off his transfer.

Hasna decided to reach out to officers holding senior portfolios with a possible influence over new director to shelve his transfer file. He had thus called on Additional Director Waseem Raza and Assitant Director Waseem Usmani — both shot dead in the incident today allegedly by Hasna–  and initiated the talks to defer his impending transfer.

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The KDA officer confirmed that the matter continued for days, however, upon reaching an impasse with Waseem Raza who was in charge of Metroville region for the past 20 years, Hasna went to his office today and got everyone but five other people out.

Assistant Director Waseem Usmani was also present in the room. Hasna argued with Waseem Raza on his transfer and after a heated spat, opened fire which proved fatal for Usmani on the spot while Raza sustained a bullet injury and was taken to hospital for treatment, however, he too plunged to the injury.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) East region Sajid Sadozai confirmed that six people were present in the room wherein the spat transpired. The police took Imran Shah in custody who said he was asked to leave the room minutes before the firing incident. Shah added that once they got back in the room after the said spat “Hasna had a gun”.

The SSP East, however, maintained that the investigation behind the motive of murders is underway.

The bodies and injured were shifted to a nearby hospital for medico-legal formalities.



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