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K-Electric Struck by a Cyberattack


The spokesperson of K-Electric revealed that the power utility company faced an attempted cyber-incident earlier in this week.

He said, “While all critical customer services including bill payment solutions and 118 call centre are operational and fully functional to ensure the integrity of our systems, as a precautionary measure, we have isolated a few non-critical services.”

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The spokesperson said that the customers can face disruption in accessing duplicate bills from the website of K-electric.

“As an alternate, duplicate bills may be availed from the nearest K-Electric Customer Care Centre.”

Consultation is going on between KE teams and international information security experts. Furthermore, he said that if customers are facing any inconvenience it is regretted as K-Electric is following the protocols of cybersecurity.

Earlier on in August, the intelligence apparatus of Pakistan identified a major cyberattack by Indian spy agencies. Different targets of the attack were identified.

In a statement, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said that to all the govt departments and institutions an advisory was sent to find the lapses and increase cybersecurity.

The intelligence agencies of India were involved in different cybercrimes which included dishonest fabrication by hacking the personal mobiles of different government officials and military people.

The army has “further enhanced necessary measures to thwart such activities” and action will be taken against those that violate the standard operating procedures (SOPs) on cybersecurity.

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