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Joint Parliament Session To Be Held Today To Discuss FATF Bill And Other Issues


The President has convened a joint sitting of Parliament today in which important bills including FATF will be presented. According to the details, the joint session of Parliament will be held at Parliament House today at 4 pm. The President has convened a joint sitting of Parliament under Article 54 (1) of the Constitution.

The meeting will also introduce two amendment bills on salaries and benefits of the President and Prime Minister. The joint meeting will also discuss important legislation related to FATF.

The National Assembly meeting will convene before the joint session of Parliament, while Prime Minister Imran Khan has also convened a meeting of the Parliamentary Party of the Coalition Parties.

It may be recalled that yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Federal Cabinet while supporting the idea of ​​the public execution of perpetrators of abuse of women and children, had vowed that the government would not tolerate any pressure from the West. Addressing a press conference afterward, Information Minister Shibli Faraz had said in response to a question regarding the motorway rape incident that if Islam orders public punishment of an adulterer, then there must be some wisdom in it.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan firmly believes in the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet and Islamic law. The Information Minister said that the government would not tolerate any pressure from the international community and public execution of adulterers and chemical and physical impotence of habitual sex offenders. We will not tolerate any pressure from the West, East, North, or South.

The 16-point agenda was discussed at the meeting. The federal cabinet had expressed satisfaction over the resumption of educational activities of 2.5 million children in the country following the reduction in coronavirus cases. In addition, the Cabinet approved an amendment to the Election Act which would require elected members to take oath within 60 days of the election. On the other hand, the Cabinet approved the revocation of the licenses of 22 more pilots.

The Civil Aviation had directed to suspend the licenses of 32 pilots for the next 12 months. The federal cabinet approved constitutional amendments to give dual nationals the right to run in elections and to oblige elected members to take oaths within 60 days and to end secret ballots in Senate elections, which will be presented to parliament for approval today. The cabinet also approved exports of anti-malarial drugs and protective clothing and retail prices of 250 medicines, including medicines for diseases such as hepatitis, influenza, cancer, etc.

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