Israel Security Agency Says Lebanese Hezbollah Movement Attempts to Recruit Israeli People

TEL AVIV (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 30th June, 2020) The Lebanese Hezbollah political movement is attempting to recruit Israeli citizens, an investigation conducted by the Israel Security Agency (ISA), or the Shin Bet, revealed.

“During the interrogation of two female Israeli citizens from Majd al-Krum village, who were arrested in early June 2020, it turned out that Hezbollah was recruiting Israelis to work for the movement in Israel,” the ISA said in a statement.

The agency’s investigation showed that the two suspected women had been in contact with a former Israeli citizen and journalist, Beirut Hamud, who now lived in Lebanon with her husband and engaged in recruiting Israelis to work for Hezbollah. Hamud works for Al-Ahkbar newspaper, which is affiliated with the group.

Hamud herself was already questioned by the Israeli security forces in 2013 on suspicion of having contacts with Hezbollah activists, with whom she allegedly met at conferences in Morocco in 2008 and Tunisia in 2012.

Soon after the interrogation, she left Israel, moved to Lebanon and married.

According to the ISA, Hamud met with the two suspects in 2019 in Turkey and together with her husband tried to recruit them.

“In the course of the investigation, [security services] obtained information about suspects’ contacts with Beirut Hamud and the meeting they held in Turkey, as well as about how Hezbollah operates through Beirut and her husband to attract Israelis to work for the group,” the Shin Bet said.

After the questioning, both suspects were released under a number of restrictive conditions.

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