Instagram Stories Data Performance Trends, Based on an Analysis of 962,402 Stories [Infographic]

Are you utilizing Instagram Stories in your marketing process?

While TikTok, and short-form video, has taken the mantle as the trending engagement option of choice for many, Stories still offer great reach and branding potential, and when used in the right way, they can also enhance community and engagement around your products.

But what is the ‘right’ way to use the Stories format?

To provide more insight into this, the team from Socialinsider recently conducted an analysis of more than 962k brand Stories to see what’s working, what’s promoting better response, and how you can make best use of the option in your process.

The research reveals some interesting insights, including:

  • Brands with large followings have doubled their Stories usage in 2021
  • Image stories have a tap-forward rate of 0,80% greater than video Stories
  • Instagram Stories reach only half the people in-feed posts do

You can check out Socialinsider’s full report here, or take a look at the infographic summary below.

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