Inflight Smoking Could Lead To License Suspension: CAA Warn Pilots

KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has warned pilots that smoking could lead to suspension of their licenses. Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are not allowed on the plane.

According to the details, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has taken a big step against smoking and has issued a warning to the pilots giving them a clear message that smoking could lead to suspension of the license, the captain and first officer who smoked in the cockpit during the flight could bare dire consequences, their Licenses can also be suspended.

CAA’s Director of Flight Standards has issued orders in this regard, stating that pilots are violating in-flight smoking laws, and complaints have been received about smoking in the cockpit during the flight. , Cigarettes or e-cigarettes are prohibited on the plane.

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The Civil Aviation Authority said that disciplinary action could be taken against the smokers, the captains and first officers could file complaints against each other while the cabin crew and ground staff could also lodge complaints against the smokers.

The orders issued said that if the captain of the plane smoked, the first officer would report it, and if the first officer smoked, the captain would report it. In addition to grounding the cockpit crew, the smoker will also be fined.

According to Director Flight Standard, pilots’ licenses can also be suspended while no retaliatory action can be taken against the person who registers a smoking complaint. If the passenger sees the pilot smoking, his complaint will also be acted upon. The Civil Aviation Authority has already banned in-flight smoking.

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