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Indus in Low Flood at Kotri, drops at Guddu and Sukkur


SUKKUR: The water level in Indus River has dropped below the low flood at Guddu and Sukkur barrages, citing the Flood Control Room ARY News reported on Wednesday.

However, the river has been in Low Flood at Kotri Barrage while the water level still rising, according to the water data.

According to the Flood Control Room (FCR), the water level at Sukkur Barrage rapidly going down and has dropped by 63,000 cusecs within last 24 hours duration.

According to the Flood Control Room, inflow of Indus at Guddu Barrage has been 1,72,641 cusecs, while the water discharge has been recorded 1,52,675 cusecs.

The water inflow in river has been measured 1,63,320 cusecs at Sukkur Barrage, while the outflow at the barrage has been 1,25,405 cusecs, according to FCR data.

However, various protective dykes in downstream, have been under the pressure of flood water.

The water level rising in Indus River at Kotri Barrage with an inflow of 2,67,850 cusecs and outflow of 2,55,445 cusecs from the barrage.

Surging water level of Indus at Dadu-Moro Bridge had submerged over 50 villages and hundreds of acres cultivated land on Sunday.

A large number of people have been forced to evacuate from their homes to safer places after flooding in the river, according to reports.



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