In pandemic-stricken Miami, health workers deliver masks in person

Miami, July 1 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 1st Jul, 2020 ) :In a meticulous, home-by-home operation, Miami city workers are knocking on doors in COVID-19 hotspots to deliver face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer — and instructing people on how to properly use the gear.

“Hello!” one of the health care workers cries out in Spanish as her team of six visits Allapattah, a working-class neighborhood located between the Miami airport and wealthy seaside homes.

“We have masks!” she says, urging people to come to the door.

Rafael Asencio, 71, a former construction worker born in the Dominican Republic, greets the team at the door of his humble home.

“Are you taking care of yourself? Where is your mask?” asks Cathy Burgos, the outreach team leader.

The workers hand out bags with face masks, surgical gloves, bottles of hand sanitizer and an information brochure in English and Spanish.

Burgos makes sure that Asencio can properly put on his mask.

“So tell me, what other preventive measures can you take?” she asks.

“I wash my hands,” he answers.

Asencio told AFP that he did not know where to get free supplies and was thankful that the team knocked on his door.

Few Allapattah residents can work online from home, and since they are often out working, the neighborhood has become one of Miami‘s virus hotspots.

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